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Hi-Flo® 3e Automatic Water SoftenerHi-Flo® 3e Automatic Water Softener

Introducing the Most Versatile Water Softener in the Industry

Expandable - Additional tanks can be easily added. As many as 6 controls may be linked together allowing for simple, future expansion.

Progressive Flow - Culligan’s patented feature permits smaller systems to provide greater flow rates and treatment capacities by taking tanks on-line or off-line based on system flow rate.

Brine Reclaim - Optional feature allows system to recycle a portion of regeneration water. The system not only conserves water, but also makes your water softener more environmentally friendly.

Electronics - State-of-the-art 24 VAC solid state electronics allow the controller to be used as a simple timer or a more complex system integrator. Can be regenerated based on time or volume. Configuration settings are accessed from a user-friendly programmable interface.

Diagnostics - The controller provides sophisticated diagnostics which allows for easy system analysis.

Wide Range of Capacities and Flow Rates - Available with capacities ranging from 60,000 grains to 450,000 grains per tank. Peak flow rates from 29 gpm to 100 gpm per tank.

Retrofit Existing Systems - Our retrofit kits can be used on any existing Fleck® 2850 (1-1/2") valve or 2900 (2") valve. The kits add full MVP™ capabilities to these systems allowing for the use of features such as progressive flow and brine reclaim.

The Best Choice is Culligan!

Culligan has been a premier provider of quality water treatment products and services for over 65 years. When it comes to providing commercial and industrial water treatment solutions no one is better positioned than Culligan to deliver results with your needs in mind.

Standard Features

  • 24 Volt MVP™ Controller - Field programmable with a back-lit LCD display and UL listed 120v/24v transformer.
  • Single, Duplex, Triplex, or Quad Configurations - Hardness removal capacities up to 450,000 grains per tank, and continuous flow rates up to 75 gpm per tank.
  • Regeneration cycle may be initiated by timeclock any day of the week. Optional flow meter starts cycle after preset volume of water has been softened.
  • Corrosion Resistant Tanks - Made from fiberglass reinforced polyester. Additional reinforcement from continuous fiberglass overwrap. Underdrain design maximizes softener’s capacity, reduces pressure loss.
  • Positive Motor-Driven Regeneration Valve - Motor driven piston is reliable under severe water conditions, resists dirt, iron, turbidity.

Applications and Benefits

  • RO/DI Pretreatment
  • Apartment buildings, assisted living facilities and hotels - Quality water for laundry, dishwashers, boilers.
  • Office buildings - For heating plant pretreatment, tenant convenience, general housekeeping.
  • Restaurants - For dishwashing, cleaning material savings, scale reduction.
  • Car washes - Quality results, detergent and water heating savings, scale reduction.
  • Light industry - For process and make-up water, boiler and cooling system pretreatment, general housekeeping.

Culligan’s MVP™ Designed With The Ease of 24-volt Operation.

Culligan’s MVP™ Designed With The Ease of 24-volt Operation

Additional MVP™ Features

  • Battery Backup - The optional battery backup will maintain the time of day for a minimum of 4 weeks using a 3.6V 1/2AA-lithium type battery as supplied by Culligan.
  • Regeneration Start Delay - A user determined number of hours (up to 9) can be input for the purpose of increasing time between multiple regeneration initiations.
  • Progressive Flow Trip Point - Use of this patented feature allows multiple tank systems operating with water meters to be brought online or offline as facility flow demands increase or decrease.
  • Flow Meter/Sensor Input - Various types of Hall effect flow sensors can be used to measure the amount of treated water provided and initiate a regeneration sequence.
  • Segmented Brine Draw/Rinse Cycle - Brine Reclaim Capability - allows the user to configure the system for brine reclaim with a minimum of additional valves and/or other types of hardware.
  • Auxiliary Input - capable of accepting a remote signal from a dry contact device such as an operator push-button for the purpose of initiating the regeneration sequence.
  • Auxiliary Outputs - Two auxiliary outputs can be programmed to be active or deactive at any point of the regeneration process.


  • Dubl-Safe™ Brine System - Positive overfill protection. Automatic refill control is backed up by shutoff float valve to minimize chance of overflow.
  • Patented Progressive Flow - Culligan’s MVP™ Control can monitor flow demands bringing additional softening tanks on-line or offline as flows increase or decrease.
  • Flow Measuring Devices - are available for direct connection to the MVP™ controller for volume based regeneration initiation.


Culligan’s Hi-Flo® 3e water softeners are backed by a limited 1-year warranty against defects in materials, workmanship, and corrosion. The plastic conditioner tank has a 5-year warranty. See printed warranty for details.*

Some localities have corrosive water. A softener cannot correct this condition, so its printed warranty disclaims liability for corrosion of plumbing lines, fixtures, or water- using equipment. If you suspect corrosion, your independently operated Culligan® dealer has equipment to control the problem.

*See printed warranty for details. Culligan will provide a copy of the warranty upon request.

System Specifications

Pressure: 30–120 psig
210–830 kPa
Power: 24 Volts 50/60hz1
Power Consumption: 3/100 Watts Min/Max
Vacuum: None2
Temperature: 40–100°F
4 - 38°C
Turbidity: 5 NTU, max.3
Chlorine: 1 mg/L, max.3
Iron: 5 mg/L

1 120 Volt/24 Volt CUL/UL listed Transformer Included.
2 Tank warranty is void if subject to vacuum
See media specification for details.

Model Resin Qt.
Pipe Size Flow Rate (gpm) Tank Size***
Continuous* Peak** Softener Brine****
HCE-60-1.5 2 1.5" 22 29 12 x 52 18 x 38
HCE-90-1.5 3 1.5" 29 37 14 x 65 24 x 40
HCE-120-1.5 4 1.5" 29 37 16 x 65 24 x 40
HCE-150-1.5 4 1.5" 40 55 21 x 54 24 x 48
HCE-120-2 5 2" 45 60 16 x 65 24 x 48
HCE-150-2 5 2" 60 78 21 x 54 24 x 48
HCE-210-2 7 2" 58 76 21 x 69 24 x 48
HCE-300-2 10 2" 65 85 24 x 72 30 x 48
HCE-450-2 15 2" 75 100 30 x 72 30 x 48
* Flow rate at a 15 psi pressure loss.
** Flow rate at a 25 psi pressure loss.
*** Dimensions are diameter by tank height.
**** Brine systems are optional. Size shown is size most commonly selected. Flow rates shown are per tank. Low flow channeling (flow rates less than 0.5 gallons per minute per cubic foot of resin) may cause hardness leakage into effluent.

Culligan’s Hi-Flo® 3e Retrofit KitCulligan’s Hi-Flo® 3e Retrofit Kit - Features and Benefits

  • Retrofit any existing Hi-Flo® 3 system.
  • Retrofit any existing Fleck® 2900 (2”) system.
  • Retrofit any existing Fleck® 2850 (1-1/2”) system.
  • Provides full MVP™ functionality.
  • Add exclusive features such as progressive flow or brine reclaim to existing systems.
  • Can be used with virtually any Hall effect type flow meter.
  • Additional kits are available to convert existing Fleck® flow meter.


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