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Culligan® Commercial Products and Services for Educational Facilities

Trust The Water Experts® to Save You Money!

Your local Culligan® Water Expert works as your partner to determine the correct pretreatment process. Starting with a water analysis and your system’s requirements, Culligan can offer you treatment options suited specifically for your needs.

Water Need Culligan Water Solutions
Make-up water for boilers or Cooling Towers

Facility Use Potable water (restrooms, etc.)

Reduce utility bills and increase equipment life span

Save money on chemicals while lowering maintenance and operating costs

"Even on small boilers, the prevention of scale formation can produce substantial energy savings."
"Energy Tip Sheet # 7," U.S. Department of Energy
Laundries Reduce labor and maintenance costs and increase equipment life span

Give you brighter-whiter-softer linens

Save on detergent use while increasing textile life

"After installing the Culligan® water softener, the linens were coming out cleaner and the cost of the chemicals came down. Our savings were between 25% and 35%."
General Manager, Regional Hotel Chain, Washington
Classroom & Research Labs. Provide pure water for consistency in lab experiments

Save money on maintaining equipment and increase their life span

"In labs supplied with Culligan® equipment, incidents of poor quality water contaminating an experiment are all but nonexistent."
Facilities Engineer, State University, Oregon
Ice & Vending Machines Make better ice cubes and drinks

Reduce utility bills and increase equipment life span

Lower maintenance and operating costs

"Water filters are used to increase the operating life and productivity of the machines. If the inside of the machine is loaded with scale build-up, it can affect the water distribution over the ice-making portion of the machine, losing efficiency."
Hotel & Motel Management Magazine, March 2003
Drinking water for cafeteria or food service operations or the entire facility Provide pure drinking water that exceeds EPA requirements Gives you an endless supply of great tasting water Saves costs with the option of simplified billing Option of Bottled Water, Point-of-Use, or a centralized source RO system
"Culligan® water is a large contributing factor to our coffee’s quality and success."
Owner, Coffee-house, Castle Rock, CO
Cafeteria - Food Service Reduce utility bills and increase equipment life span

Save money on soaps and chemicals while lowering maintenance and operating costs

Reduce labor costs

Give you brighter-whiter-softer linens

Save on detergent use, make cleaning easier and have spot-free tableware

Get better tasting food and beverages

"Not only does the Culligan® softener prevent our tableware from spotting, it also saves us anywhere from 30-45% on soap usage per month."
Manager, Independent restaurant, Denver, CO

The Culligan Difference

Since 1936, Culligan International Company has been the innovator in water treatment. Under an ISO 9001 certified quality system, Culligan manufactures our own equipment. In fact, no other water treatment company holds as many patents as Culligan.

Local Responsive Service
You can always count on Culligan for professional service and support whenever you need it.

Factory-Trained Service Technicians
Extensive training makes your local Culligan® service technician the expert in maintaining the equipment to operate at peak efficiency.

Manufacturer-Direct Replacement Parts you can trust that the replacement parts will be what you need when you need it.

Our customers say it best:
"From an equipment and service standpoint, we are very pleased with Culligan. We have had our softener installed for over two years and it has performed wonderfully... in my opinion, Culligan blows the other softener and softener companies away."
Engineer, 5-Diamond Hotel, Irving, Texas

Culligan Product Applications

Application Filtration Softening Deionization Reverse Osmosis Point-of-Use Filtration Bottled Water
Make-up water for boilers
Cooling towers
Facility Use (potable water)
Classroom Labs
Research Labs
Ice Machines
Vending Machines & Fountain Service
Drinking water
Cafeteria -
Food Service

Business Comes Full Circle With Culligan

Local Service You Can Depend On
Trust the Water Experts for local continuing service after the sale with over 800 dealers in the US and Canada. As your partner, your local Culligan Man® is there for you after installing the equipment, with a regular service plan to make sure that the Culligan® equipment operates at peak efficiency.

Product Innovation and Technical Expertise
Since 1936, Culligan has been the leader in product innovations with our products proudly made in the USA under an ISO 9001 quality system. Extensive factory training gives your local Culligan® service technician the expertise to properly install, service, and maintain your equipment.

Water Testing Analysis
Your local Culligan Commercial Expert can test your water though our very own NELAP* Accredited Analytical Laboratory. Committed to quality and service, Culligan’s lab uses EPA approved methods for the highest quality water analysis available. Even after the initial water analysis to determine the correct pretreatment method, regular water testing can monitor any changes in water conditions that might affect equipment or operations.

Water Done Right Every Time
Your local Culligan Commercial Expert can provide you with an AutoCAD compatible CD-ROM. In addition to specific product specifications, the CD-ROM includes our exclusive CAAP® program. With CAAP, your Culligan expert or a specifying engineer can input your exact water conditions and operating parameters to correctly size and select the equipment you need.

Just say "Hey Culligan Man!"


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