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Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottle-less Water Coolers“Ahhh...Just Right”

A hot cup of tea, warm cup of cocoa, or a cold instant drink. It always tastes better with Culligan water. Choose the system that best fits the needs of your office. Either option delivers a great value.

No Bottles! Automatic Supply

Because the system refills automatically, you’ll never run out of water! Getting rid of bottles eliminates dust-collecting clutter, saves valuable floor space and no heavy lifting!

Leading Edge Filtration Within the CoolerLeading Edge Filtration Within the Cooler

Culligan's proven filtration technology improves the quality of your drinking water. Whether your particular water type calls for advanced carbon filtration or state-of- the-art reverse osmosis, Culligan can provide the highest quality water at the touch of a button. Both technologies improve the taste and odor of your drinking water, as well as substantially reduce microscopic impurities and chemical elements.

Advanced Carbon

Preferred Series 250Preferred Series 250

The Culligan Preferred Series Filters' proven pre-coat technology removes up to 99.9% + of all particles sized 0.5 micro (1/50,000 inch) or larger.

Reverse Osmosis System

1. Automatic Shutoff Valve
2. Sediment Filter
3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane
4. Carbon Filter
5. Second Carbon Filter
6. Reservoir Tank
7. Manifold Assembly

For more information please download PDF.

Legendary “Hey Culligan Man!” Service Commitment

You can always count on Culligan for professional service and support. To save you time and money, periodic preventive maintenance is performed by a qualified service technician.


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