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Culligan Commercial Leasing Program

Better Water Pays for Itself

Saving money doesn’t have to mean passing on the best water treatment systems. Culligan provides a sensible solution. When you lease Culligan® water treatment equipment, you get the best water without the burden of one lump sum. You have the flexibility of payments. That means you can divert the money that you save to more important business needs, while still getting all the benefits of top quality water.

Lease Equipment Now, Save Money For Later.

By leasing your Culligan water treatment system now, you’re making a timed investment for later. Leased equipment pays for itself, so you can save money down the road. This means you can manage your cash flow to better serve your business, while improving your water and keeping your savings.

Flexible Terms That Flow With Your Budget

Culligan provides a flexible lease term and payment structure designed for your budget, so you get a payment plan that works best for you. All extra costs can even be included in your easy payments:

  • Freight
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Equipment
  • Installation
  • Taxes

Fixed Payments, No Worries.

With fixed rates, you can be sure there will be no surprise fluctuations over the term of your lease. Just reliable service, better water, great savings and no worries.

Lease For Less, And Save More.

Lease payments are only a small fraction of the total equipment cost, so easy payments get you immediate benefits while preserving your existing credit lines. And leasing covers 100% of the equipment cost with little or no down payment, so your savings begin right away.

Easy To Find Out More!

Call your local Culligan dealer today to supply you with the Leasing Alternative or for additional leasing information. Or find us at

Trust The Water Experts At Culligan

Since 1936, Culligan has delivered better water through better service. Our products are backed by outstanding warranties as well as the world’s largest network of trained service technicians. We understand that once your problem is solved, you don't want it to come back. Neither do we. Your Culligan Man® is there to help. You can rely on him.


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