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Culligan® Commercial Products and Services for Laundries

Reduce labor costs and rewash - Reduce water consumption and other utility bills while extending equipment life span - Get cleaner, whiter and brighter results
and extend linen life, while reducing detergent bills

A Culligan® water treatment system will reduce hard-ness to less than 1 gpg.

Laundries operate at peak efficiency at this level of hardness, some-times referred to as "zero soft wat-er."

Reduce labor costs and rewash

Hard water does not clean as effectively as soft water, requiring additional washes or rinses. The average industry rewash percentage runs about 4.75%, adding 30-60 minutes to the workload for each rewash or rinse. Reducing this percentage saves the labor costs needed for each rejected load.

"The sheets and towels used to have to be washed with extra bleach, sometimes more than once to be acceptable. With soft water, we are using less soap and getting better results. This not only is saving us time as far as labor is concerned, it also is saving us 35% to 45% in soap costs."
Executive Director, Nursing Home, Washington

Reduce water consumption and other utility bills
while extending equipment life span

A Culligan® water treatment process including any combination of filtration, reverse osmosis and soft-ening, combined with a chemical treatment plan, can dramatically reduce the prob-lems associated with hard or problem water.

The more scale in your boiler and throughout your system, the higher your energy and water consumption. Even a small reduction of scale thickness can reduce your utility bills.

Hot water is naturally more corrosive. Left untreated it can reduce the life span of any water-using appliance.

"Even on small boilers, the prevention of scale formation can produce substantial energy savings."
"Energy Tip Sheet # 7," U.S. Department of Energy

Get cleaner, whiter and brighter results and extend linen life while reducing detergent bills

Whether it is hardness, iron, or turbidity, water quality directly affects the cleanliness of the wash and the life of linen. Hard water does not clean as effectively as soft water. It may take up to 15 additional pounds of detergent per 1,000 gallons of water that has 10 grains per gallon (gpg) of hardness to clean effectively.

Rust or turbidity can leave stains or gray and dingy results requiring rewash with bleach or other chemicals. According to a Purdue University study, fabrics washed in hard water tend to wear out up to 15% quicker than those washed in soft water.

"The laundry was having problems getting the linens white and the cost of the chemicals used in the laundry was very high. After installing the water softener, the linens were coming out cleaner and the cost of the chemicals came down. The linens also don’t wear out as fast when washed in soap and soft water. Our savings were between 25 % and 35%."
General Manager, Regional Hotel Chain, Washington

Business Comes Full Circle With Culligan

Local Service You Can Depend On
Trust the Water Experts for local continuing service after the sale with over 800 dealers in the US and Canada. As your partner, your local Culligan Man® is there for you after installing the equipment, with a regular service plan to make sure that the Culligan® equipment operates at peak efficiency.

Product Innovation and Technical Expertise
Since 1936, Culligan has been the leader in product innovations with our products proudly made in the USA under an ISO 9001 quality system. Extensive factory training gives your local Culligan® service technician the expertise to properly install, service, and maintain your equipment.

Water Testing Analysis
Your local Culligan Commercial Expert can test your water though our very own NELAP* Accredited Analytical Laboratory. Committed to quality and service, Culligan’s lab uses EPA approved methods for the highest quality water analysis available. Even after the initial water analysis to determine the correct pretreatment method, regular water testing can monitor any changes in water conditions that might affect equipment or operations.

Water Done Right Every Time
Your local Culligan Commercial Expert can provide you with an AutoCAD compatible CD-ROM. In addition to specific product specifications, the CD-ROM includes our exclusive CAAP® program. With CAAP, your Culligan expert or a specifying engineer can input your exact water conditions and operating parameters to correctly size and select the equipment you need.

Just say "Hey Culligan Man!"


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