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Soft-Minder® Twin Water Softener

Soft-Minder® Twin Water SoftenerA Continuous Supply Of Soft Water

Culligan's Soft-Minder® Twin provides uninterrupted conditioned water, 24-hours-a-day. Two independent mineral tanks provide a continuous flow of soft water; when one tank is exhausted, the second tank takes over while the first regenerates. This system is particularly good in situations where water is extremely hard. The Soft-Minder Twin is available in various sizes to provide soft water for light commercial applications as well as large families.

Standard Features

  • Models feature Culligan's exclusive Quadra-Hull® tank which has a limited lifetime warranty or Corrosion Resistant Tanks–made from fiberglass-reinforced polyester.
  • Alternating Twin Tank Design - allows for a continuous supply of softened water.
  • Meter Demand Initiated Regeneration
  • Positive Motor-Driven Regeneration Valve– reliable motor driven pistons. Rugged long-life construction featuring lead-free brass valve body.
  • Softening Media–high quality resin provides stability and uniform size for top performance and long life.
  • Dubl-Safe™ Brine System–features positive brine overfill protection. Automatic refill control is backed up by a shut-off float valve.
  • Uses conditioned water for regeneration.

System Specifications

Pressure: 30–100 psig
210–690 kPa
Vacuum: None
Temperature: 40–100°F
4 - 38°C
Electrical Requirements: 24V, 60 HZ
Turbidity: 5.0 NTU, max.1
Chlorine: 1.0 mg/L, max.1
Iron: 5 mg/L
1 Refer to media specifications for details.

Space Requirements

Model Resin Qt.
Pipe Size Flow Rate Tank Size**
Continuous* Softener Brine
SM-61 1 1" 10.7 9" x 48" 18" x 38"
SM-91 1.5 1" 10.2 10" x 54" 18" x 38"
* Flow rate at a 15 psi pressure loss.
** Dimensions are diameter by tank height

The Culligan Advantage

  • Full range of products and services
  • World Class manufacturing (ISO 9001 certified)
  • Culligan application engineers for expert consultation
  • Factory-trained installation and service technicians
  • Industry best-in-class product features
  • Leasing and financing options
  • Outstanding product warranties
  • Online and CD-ROM support
  • Trusted leader for over 65 years.


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